Thursday, March 15, 2012

Last Man Standing Results!

Last weekend, pilots participated in two days of Last Man Standing! Day one saw a hard fought competition with pilots flying and avoiding being killed, in the end only three pilots were standing, all three which were winners:

1st Place: Brig. Gen. Devyn Smythe
2nd Place: Capt. Cyberella Dubratt
3rd Place: Col. Whitewolf Mumfuzz

On Sunday, day 2 of the competition continued with Brig Gen. Vicky Kuhn being the winner, after a brilliant show of sportsmanship conduct by Lt. Col. SilentG Wonder.  The other winners of Sunday's event were:

1st Place:  Brig. Gen. Vicky Kuhn

2nd Place: Cadet Orion Celestial Being
3nd Place: 1st Lt. Paul Patridge

All winners received linden prize money and BlakOpal gift cards! Join us this weekend for 2 days of Axis vs Allies. 

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