Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blog Spotlight: London Sims Owner Debs Regent!

Nexgen Aviation is currently holding it's FEATURED Second Life Destinations event in the London Sims this week.  Debs Regent, owner and operator of the London Sims was kind enough to answer some questions about London:

1. So tell us about the London Sims? How long have they been here, what inspired you to start the sims?
Goodness, we have been here for 6 years, since 2006, it seems such a long time now! I was inspired to start London after meeting a very dear friend at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge. At the time she was an avid Second Lifer and suggested I join. I love the London vibe and architecture in real life, and if I wanted to do anything, it was to bring that into Second Life too.

2.  What are some interesting things to do in London?
Wow - big question. There are a lot of interesting things to do in London. Many I have forgotten because they are always there. We focus on realism, so the London bus is important and taxis too. However my treat is always the Expo. When we have an Expo there is an opportunity to see amazing things that someone has created, such as the Nexgen Expo, where you can look at, and go in, World War 2 and modern planes. You get a sense of how cramped it was for the pilots during WW2 and the skill they needed to fly these things.

3.  Obviously Nexgen is thrilled that you opened up Hyde Park for our expo! Are you an aviation enthusiast?
I would love to fly! I plan to go for glider lessons first in real life. At present my flight experience consists of being a passenger while other people fly. One day... I promise myself. In fact I have hoped that I might get a flight as a passenger in Second Life. I would love that opportunity. I have to confess that as a little girl, I used to by modelling kits of planes, and put them together. Very un-girlie I know.

4.  There are many favorite planes in Hyde Park, any particular one catch your eye?
The plane I love best is the Spitfire. Of course it’s a British plane and Nexgen has recreated the sense of it so accurately. It looks like the real thing (I saw one fly at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford - which used to be a US Airforce base). When my mother was a child, she used to watch them as they flew over London and, as everyone knows, the Spitfire was the decision maker of the Battle of Britain. It’s great to know that when you buy one of these planes from Nexgen, you also get a brief history of the actual plane itself.

5.  What are some fun things you love doing in Second Life?
I haven’t done them all yet. I have tried a hot air balloon ride, a racing car ride, shooting targets and also clubbing, and shopping – which all women love, but I haven’t flown yet and that is next on my list of ‘must do’s’.

6.  What are your future plans for London? Any exciting or new things on the horizon.
London is always changing and growing. I am working on making it a more interesting place to visit and a better place for merchants to gain awareness and sales. It is also a growing community and we will soon be outgrowing the 4 regions that we currently have now. So watch this space... as people say.  As for recent future. Come to the Nexgen expo this week!

You can learn more about the London Sims by visiting their official blog:

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