Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sports Festival Spotlight: Virtual Attitude Wrestling (VAW)

Today's Sports Festival Spotlight is on Virtual Attitude Wrestling or VAW. VAW owner and founder, Vince Aftermath was kind enough to provide some answers to some of our questions:

1.  What inspired you to start your business or organization in Second Life?  
Wrestling...I love wrestling and even though it may be acting at some points. Some of the action can get real but no on

2.  Tell us about your business or organization:
Virtual Attitude Wrestling is what you may call WWF/WWE/WCW of Second Life. We are wrestling NOT mud wrestling but all out drama filled, voice action, animated wrestling at its best. We travel 24/7 each week across the Second Life Grid bringing free entertainment every Tuesday at 5pmSLT and Thursday at 3pmSLT. We also have our HQ at the Potomac Center which our second branded show "Turbulence" runs out of.

3.  What are some exciting plans for the future for your business?
Virtual Attitude Wrestling is undergoing some format changes to our shows which consist of production changes and quiltie of our weekly shows. It's time to go to the next level. VAW has been around for 6 months and it’s time to change things up a bit. Virtual Attitude Wrestling has been recently picked up by Force.TV. Our goal is for us to start grabbing fans from the outside world and showing them the magic of Second Life. Our contract with Force.TV is set for 12 weeks. Nonetheless, I'm confident that our contract with be extended when the time comes.

4.  As you know, our 16 day sports festival is taking place to honor the Olympics. What is your favorite Olympic sport?

5. How long have you been in Second Life?
2 Years

6.  What made you first join Second Life?
The magic of SL meaning all the great things you can do which makes it unlimited.

7.  What are some of the strangest things you have experienced or seen in Second Life?
Snail racing and griefers, I would say those two are the most strangest things in SL. I'm sure there are more but I can't think of them at the moment.

8.  If you could invite anyone from RL into SL, who would it be?
Vince McMahon, I guess because I love wrestler and he put it on the map. I would love to work with him so that Virtual Attitude Wrestling could have more master minds behind the deck of cards.

You can catch a special VAW show at the Flying Tigers' Sports Festival, today July 31, 2012 at 5pm slt!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Virtual Pioneers Tour & Aviation Demonstrations Recap

Yesterday the Virtual Pioneers, held their weekly tour in the Flying Tigers' Sims! The Virtual Pioneers is made up of history and social studies educators who tour historical themed places in Second Life. The educators first toured the WW2 Tribute sim, including the Flying Tigers' Squadron Hangar, the Pilot Academy, Headquarters, and the security headquarters. The educators were given aviator packages and two WW2 themed aircraft. Major General Giano, Flying Tigers' sim and group owner, lead the tour and talked to the educators about the history of the real life Flying Tigers:

After the tour, the educators were given a treat! Two special aviation demonstrations were held for everyone. First WW2 pilots, lead by Lt. Col. Thorn Blackflag, demonstrated WW2 aviation:

After the WW2 aviation demonstration, modern aircraft an maneuvers were demonstrated by members of the 23rd Wing, who were lead by Brig. Gen. Vickster Kuhn:

Special thanks to all of our pilots for excellent flying yesterday and to Rob Fenwitch for providing photos of the aviation demonstrations! You can learn more about the Virtual Pioneers by visiting their official site.

Sports Festival Blog Spotlight: L'Amour Modeling Management

Today's Sports Festival Blog Spotlight is on L'Amour Modeling Management, which is owned and operated in Second Life by Ava Jhamin. L'Amour was the modeling firm which staffed and produced Vintage Fashion Weekend and will also produce a special sports themed fashion show on August 12, 2012 at 12pm slt, in honor of our 16 day Sports Festival! L'Amour offers modeling classes if you would like to get started as a model in Second Life! Just contact Ava Jhamin in world to get started. Check out the promo shots for the upcoming Sports Fashion Show from Ava Jhamin:

Sports Festival Day #4 Recap!

Today was day #4 of our 16 day Sports Festival, which is in honor of the Olympic Games!  Guests were treated to two great dj events! DJ Prettybones rocked our greek stage in the first set and played a mix of dub step an top 40's tunes. Host Rinka was on hand to keep the crowd motivated:

After a 2 hour interlude, DJ Cath with Host Amber headed up the afternoon event! DJ Cath played a variety of top 40s and rock tunes! VIP's dance and had fun throughout the set:

Tomorrow party at the Sports festival for 4 hours, starting at 10 am slt and join us at 5pm slt for a special live Wrestling Show from V.A.W. Check out our schedule for events over the next 12 days!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sports Festival Weekend #1 Recap!

Yesterday and today was the first weekend of the real life Olympic games and was also the first weekend of the Flying Tigers' 16 day Sports Festival, which honors the real life games! On Saturday our guests were treated to a 2 hour event with DJ Cath and yours truly as host. DJ Cath played a variety of top 40s and pop tunes, while guests danced and played many of the free games on sim. Below are photos of this event:

Today, was Sunday and guests were treated to a four hour event! DJ Anakin started the day with a 2 hour rock event, guests rocked it out as they were waiting for the special event:

The special event was a 90 minute Korn Tribute Band, presented by SL Tribute Band provider, Bad Amp! The tribute band concert kept everyone dancing to their favorite Korn tunes:

Our 16 day Sports Festival continues with 13 more days of events, fun, great music, and of course sports! Check out our handy online schedule and look for group notices in world, so that you do not miss out on all of the fun!

Sports Festival Spotlight: The Torch SL Guide

Today's Sports Festival Spotlight is on the Torch SL Guide. The Torch SL Guide's blog and their in world Torch SL Guide Library , are both geared towards helping new and old residents to find interesting locations and landmarks to places where you can find freebies and helpful Second Life classes on many topics, such as building or scripting. 

You can also learn about other virtual worlds from The Torch, as the blog has recently expanded to Inworldz and has set up a help center for new avatars in Inworldz. The Torch SL Guide was created in 2011 and is the brainchild of avatars KennieM Resident and Morphman Resident. Check out the Torch blog and their main office!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sports Festival Spotlight: Champion Horses

Today's Sports Festival Spotlight is on Champion Horses! Champion Horses offers breedable race horses which you can race in Second Life! Champion Horses supports its members with growth and development by offering the following:

Free educational classes in the Champion Education Center:
  • Champion Support Reps available around the clock, everyday 
  • Champion Mentors are available to answer any questions you may have
  • An opportunity to become a Certified Champion Jockey (fee based)
  • Champion Young Riders which offers classes for the little ones of the community
Champion Horses also offers a fun, family-friendly environment with many events, such as:
  • Horse races, offered Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sunday
  • Auctions offered by members of the Champion community at their ranch
  • Fishing Tournaments located in the park in Champion City
  • Community soccer games (aka football by some members)
  • Community Events:  ice cream socials, family fun nights, fireworks, fundraisers/benefits, family-friendly racing
  • Mojo Rising club located in Champion City
You can purchase a Champion Horses Pack at our Sports Festival and check out the upcoming equestrian events from Champion Horses, as they also celebrate the Olympic games! These events will take place on the Champion Horses Sim:
  • Aug 3 Friday 6pm SLT - SteepleChase
  • Aug 4 Saturday 6pm SLT - Cross Country
  • Aug 5 Sunday 11am SLT - Harness Races
  • Aug 5 Sunday 6pm SLT - Awards Ceremony

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sports Festival Kick Off Party Recap!

Today the start of our 16 Day Sports Festival, kicked off with a 2 hour event! DJ Anakin started off today's events with a rock set! Guests danced and partied, soon the sim was packed and had 92 avis! DJ Anakin crashed the sim soon afterwards, but everyone remained in good spirits! The Second Life Cheerleading squad also joined us to usher in the games and did a great performance! Below are photos of today's events:

Join us tomorrow for another 2 hour event with DJ Cath and Host Mercy as we keep the spirit of the games alive!

Sports Festival Spotlight: New London Village

Throughout our 16 day Sports Festival, we will highlight one of our many merchants and exhibitors! Today's spotlight is on New London Village, which has graciously provided replicas of iconic London Landmarks! You can find Big Ben, the London Eye, Nelson's Column, and the Wimbledon Tennis Court at our Sports Festival:

New London Village is owned and operated in Second Life by Kat Kassner and Laredo Lowtide. The sim blends London landmarks with Dr. Who. I recently profiled New London Village on the Torch SL Guide's Blog. You can view the article here and check out the New London Village Zone at the Sports Festival, where you can ride on the London Eye and even take a ride in a Tardis!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

16 Day Sports Festival Schedule of Events!

Join us on Friday, July 27, 2012 as we kick off our 16 day Sports Festival, in honor of the Olympic Games in real life. Our Sports Festival features 16 days of music, events, shopping, and sports! Check out our complete schedule and be sure to shop at our merchant's and exhibitors' fair, which features some of the best merchants and exhibitors in Second Life! Tomorrow's celebration will kick off at 12pm slt with DJ Anakin spinning your favorite rock tunes on our Greek stage, as we also pay homage to the origins of the games! Take a sneak peak at our festival areas:

Flying Tigers' Sports Festival is a FEATURED Destinations Event!

New Nexgen Cobra Video!

Special thanks to Natascha Randt for creating a really great video on the new Nexgen AH-1W SuperCobra! You can view the video below:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 2012 Graduation Recap!

Yesterday, the Flying Tiger tigers held their July 2012 Graduation Ceremony! The following cadets graduated from FT201 and were commissioned as 2nd Lt's:
-2nd Lt. Daisydude Resident
-2nd Lt. Caimartinjg Resident

The following cadets graduated from FT401 and received their AVG Wings and China Wings:
-2nd Lt. Charles Gilde
-2nd Lt. Leo Ravenheart
-2nd Lt. Nhnavywolf Resident

The following officers were honored for their new rank appointments:
-Major Toscha Vayandar
-Captain ChastityNo Weston
-Captain Paul Partridge
-1st Lt. Sodak Xeltentant

Major Detox Exonar was given one last salute and a standing ovation, for his service and dedication to the Flying Tigers.  Speeches of the day included the Welcome Speech by Major Nil1965 Resident and the Closing Speech by Major General Giano. Brigadier General Vickster Kuhn gave an excellent speech about the heart of the Flying Tigers. Brigadier General Kuhn also provided a flyover before the graduation ceremony. Below are photos from yesterday's graduation ceremony:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nexgen Aviation Releases an AH-1W Super Cobra!

The latest from Nexgen Aviation is an AH-1W Super Cobra! Nexgen describes the new Cobra as: "detailed customized mesh modeling is super smooth scripts make this a master of sim crossing; this attack helicopter is everything u need to raise some serious hell . The kickass hmg main gun rotates to gunner eyesight. That's just the gun. Take out tanks and those nasty AA ground guns with the HELLFIREs, (MDB). Also defend against air threat with Aim9 Sidewinders (SMB) and blast enemy infantry with Hydra rockets (CMB). The best thing about this is you get a very high quality, custom made mesh model fully loaded with only 45 PE land impact. It is scripted with NEW smooth and efficient flight engine fully combat ready for not 6000L, not 4000L, but only 2100L!!!

WARNING: This badass cobra has fangs and brings poison!"

You can purchase the Cobra at vendors throughout Second Life an at their marketplace shop.

16 Day Sports Festival!

Join us for a 16 day Sports Festival, in honor of the 16 Day Olympics!  Events will include live djs, tribute band concerts, a sports themed fashion show, and sporting events!  We will also offer merchants and exhibitors a free shop or exhibitors space with 50 prims. 

Please paste the link below into an Internet browser to signup for this event. If you will have a sporting event on your sim, please drop us info and we will promote it on our sites and at the sporting exhibitors area:


Sunday, July 15, 2012

New 1st Squadron Promotions!

Kudos to Captain Paul Patridge, who was named XO of 1st Squadron and to 1st Lt. Sodak Xeltentant, who was named the Wingman of 1st Squadron!


Relay for Life Event Weekend Recap!

This weekend, the Relay for Life Weekend Event was held! Many Relay for Life Teams joined the celebration to fight cancer!

If you missed the opening ceremony, you can catch it via the video link below:

DJ Anakin and yours truly were honored to present one of the one hour DJ sets at the RFL weekend:

You can still visit the Flying Tigers' campsite and the design campsite that was created by MG Giano, Anakin Crystal, and Rob Fenwitch. All campsites will be up until the end of next week. There is also still time to donate, you can donate to the Flying Tigers' Relay for Life Team, which has raised over 340,000 Lindens this relay season. To donate look for the kiosks all over the WW2 Tribute Sim or tp into Amelias' Pilot Lounge.

Thanks to everyone who has supported our team and of course Relay for Life this season!

Cure Tribute Band Rocks WW2 Tribute Sim!

Today, vips at Amelias' Pilot Lounge were treated to a special treat--a Cure Tribute Band Concert! Guests partied at the pre-concert event, which featured DJ Anakin playing 2 hours of rock tunes and host Amy keeping everyone happy with jokes and of course vip tags! Below are photos from today's event:

Join us again in two weeks for another tribute band concert!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Looking for a Squadron Event?

Brigadier Vickster Kuhn in front of the Squadron Events Board

If you are looking to join a squadron event or want to know when your favorite squadron is holding an event then check out the Squadron Event calendar, which is located in the Squadron Hangar on the WW2 Tribute Sim. You can also find out about squadron events by joining the Flying Tigers' group in world.

Flying Tigers at Relay for Life Event Weekend!

This weekend is the Relay for Life Event Weekend, where the campsites and design sims will finally be open to the public! The weekend will feature 48 hours of fundraising, events, and campsites! If you attend any of the events, visit the Flying Tigers' WW2 themed campsite, which asks you to join the war against cancer:

If you go past the Flying Tigers' campsite you will see the design campsite, which was created by Maj. Gen. Giano. The theme of the design campsite, honors caregivers and is named the Caregivers Airfield. The terminal features a huge clock, which on the top of each hour will shout "Caregivers for a Cure!" Special thanks to Amelias' GM Anakin Crystal and Rob Fenwitch for their contributions to the design site:

You can also catch myself and DJ Anakin on Saturday, from 4pm to 5pm slt for a special one hour performance on the RFL Volunteer sim DJ Stage. You can learn more about SL Relay for Life by visiting their official website and keep donating! Team kiosks will not disappear until July 31st!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July Festival-Day #1 Recap!

Yesterday our Fourth of July Festival kicked off! Events started with DJ Mia playing 2 hours of 1980s songs. Guests danced and started waving their American Flags and noisemakers:

The party picked up again in the evening, with DJ Anakin playing 2 hours of rock songs. Later the Second Life Cheerleading Squad (SLCS), joined him for a special 1 hour patriotic inspired performance:

The Fourth of  July Festival continues today! Check out todays schedule by clicking here.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1st Lt. Chasityno Weston is Promoted to Captain!

From the desk of Maj. Nil Resident:

"Pls help me congratulate Captain Chastityno Weston for her new rank and wish to her all the best for even a more fruitful carrier within the family of Flying Tigers!

Go Tiger Go - HUA!

Maj. Nil (nil1965 Resident)."

Congrats to Captain Weston!

Second Life Mentions the Fourth of July Festival!!

Second Life has mentioned our Fourth of July Festival on their official Facebook and Google plus pages! The Fourth of July Festival is also on their official viewer on the front and you should see a message on their official viewer as you are you logging into Second Life! Special thanks to Second Life for featuring us and you can view a complete listing of events at our Fourth of July Festival by clicking here. You can click on the first two screenshots below to view the Second Life Facebook entry about the Fourth of July Festival and the Google Plus Entry.

Viewer 3 Login Message

Monday, July 2, 2012

Fourth of July Festival is Mentioned on SL Enquirer & on Daniel Voyager's Blog!

Special thanks to both the SL Enquirer and Daniel Voyager for mentioning the Fourth of July Festival on their respective web sites! Click the photos below to view each of the stories and join us on July 3, 2012 for the start of our Fourth of July Festival!

New 23rd Wing Jet School!

We are pleased to announce the creation of the new 23rd Wing Jet School! The 23rd Wing Jet School will be ran by 23rd Wing CO Brigadier General Vickster Kuhn, who is also the new school's creator.  Brigadier Kuhn described the new school as "a way to improve pilot's knowledge and skills as jet fighter pilots.."

Furthermore it gives us all a chance to get to know each other. As a pilot of the 23rd Wing, and a member of a fighter squadron, its up to each of us what we want to make of it.
Graduates of the Jet School will receive Certificates of Completion from the Flying Tigers' Pilot Academy.

The new 23rd Wing Jet School is open to aviators who meet the following requirements:

1. You must have completed FT101 and FT201 to be eligible to enroll in the 23rd Wing Jet School. 2. You must be an intern or active duty member with a squadron/unit that is part of the 23rd Wing or an intern or member of a modern Flying Tigers' Command squadron/unit. 3. You must complete all of the requirements at the 23rd Wing Jet School in order to receive your Certificate of Completion, which will be handed out at a Flying Tigers' Academy Graduation Ceremony. 4. If you are a cadet at the Flying Tigers' Pilot Academy and you complete the 23rd Wing Jet School, this does not mean you have completed the Flying Tigers' Pilot Academy. You must still complete all of the requirements at the Flying Tigers' Pilot Academy to be considered active duty, to earn your Combat Certification (if you elect this path), and to be eligible in the future for rank promotions with the Flying Tigers.

To enroll in the new 23rd Wing Jet School, please complete the form below:

Captain Toscha Vayandar Promoted to Major!

Congratulations to newly appointed Major Toscha Vayandar! Major Toscha Vayandar is currently on active duty with the 75th Squadron and was promoted by Major General Giano on the recommendations of 75th Squadron CO, Brigadier Vickster Kuhn. Congrats to Major Vayandar!