Monday, March 19, 2012

Allies Vs. Axis Winners!

This past weekend two days of Allies Vs. Axis was held in our sims! Winners of the first day of the competition were:

1st Place: Aviator Leon Qvetcher
2nd Place: Captain Yan Aboubakar
3rd Place: Brigadier General Vickster Kuhn

Brigadier General Vickster Kuhn also had the most kills on day!

Winners of the second day of the competition were:

1st Place - Navy LT Bret Darklace
2nd Place - 1st LT. Yan Aboubakar
3rd Place - 1st Lt. Paul Partridge

All winners received linden cash prizes and gift cards.  First place winners also received trophies! Special thanks to all of our winners, spectators, participants, and to our event moderator, Brig. General Deidre Faulds!

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