Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flying Tigers Academy News!

From the desk of LT. Col. and Flying Tigers' Academy CO SilentG Wonder:

"I would like to announce that the following Cadets have completed their OCS  training and are now promoted to 2nd LT:

2nd LT. Sylviasdesire Resident
2nd Lt.  Frederiko Laval
2nd Lt. Starrunner Gothly
2nd Lt. Susie Mystiere

2nd Lt. Xiolin Skytower has completed FT 401 and is now eligible to test one week from today.

Congratulations to  2nd Lt. Kahn Umaga ! 2nd Lt. Kahn Umaga has completed the SLFT Flight Academy, passed the final Flight Test, and earned the AVG pilot wings on 3-17-2012"

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