Monday, July 30, 2012

Virtual Pioneers Tour & Aviation Demonstrations Recap

Yesterday the Virtual Pioneers, held their weekly tour in the Flying Tigers' Sims! The Virtual Pioneers is made up of history and social studies educators who tour historical themed places in Second Life. The educators first toured the WW2 Tribute sim, including the Flying Tigers' Squadron Hangar, the Pilot Academy, Headquarters, and the security headquarters. The educators were given aviator packages and two WW2 themed aircraft. Major General Giano, Flying Tigers' sim and group owner, lead the tour and talked to the educators about the history of the real life Flying Tigers:

After the tour, the educators were given a treat! Two special aviation demonstrations were held for everyone. First WW2 pilots, lead by Lt. Col. Thorn Blackflag, demonstrated WW2 aviation:

After the WW2 aviation demonstration, modern aircraft an maneuvers were demonstrated by members of the 23rd Wing, who were lead by Brig. Gen. Vickster Kuhn:

Special thanks to all of our pilots for excellent flying yesterday and to Rob Fenwitch for providing photos of the aviation demonstrations! You can learn more about the Virtual Pioneers by visiting their official site.

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