Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sports Festival Weekend #1 Recap!

Yesterday and today was the first weekend of the real life Olympic games and was also the first weekend of the Flying Tigers' 16 day Sports Festival, which honors the real life games! On Saturday our guests were treated to a 2 hour event with DJ Cath and yours truly as host. DJ Cath played a variety of top 40s and pop tunes, while guests danced and played many of the free games on sim. Below are photos of this event:

Today, was Sunday and guests were treated to a four hour event! DJ Anakin started the day with a 2 hour rock event, guests rocked it out as they were waiting for the special event:

The special event was a 90 minute Korn Tribute Band, presented by SL Tribute Band provider, Bad Amp! The tribute band concert kept everyone dancing to their favorite Korn tunes:

Our 16 day Sports Festival continues with 13 more days of events, fun, great music, and of course sports! Check out our handy online schedule and look for group notices in world, so that you do not miss out on all of the fun!

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