Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nexgen Aviation Releases an AH-1W Super Cobra!

The latest from Nexgen Aviation is an AH-1W Super Cobra! Nexgen describes the new Cobra as: "detailed customized mesh modeling is super smooth scripts make this a master of sim crossing; this attack helicopter is everything u need to raise some serious hell . The kickass hmg main gun rotates to gunner eyesight. That's just the gun. Take out tanks and those nasty AA ground guns with the HELLFIREs, (MDB). Also defend against air threat with Aim9 Sidewinders (SMB) and blast enemy infantry with Hydra rockets (CMB). The best thing about this is you get a very high quality, custom made mesh model fully loaded with only 45 PE land impact. It is scripted with NEW smooth and efficient flight engine fully combat ready for not 6000L, not 4000L, but only 2100L!!!

WARNING: This badass cobra has fangs and brings poison!"

You can purchase the Cobra at vendors throughout Second Life an at their marketplace shop.

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