Thursday, July 12, 2012

Flying Tigers at Relay for Life Event Weekend!

This weekend is the Relay for Life Event Weekend, where the campsites and design sims will finally be open to the public! The weekend will feature 48 hours of fundraising, events, and campsites! If you attend any of the events, visit the Flying Tigers' WW2 themed campsite, which asks you to join the war against cancer:

If you go past the Flying Tigers' campsite you will see the design campsite, which was created by Maj. Gen. Giano. The theme of the design campsite, honors caregivers and is named the Caregivers Airfield. The terminal features a huge clock, which on the top of each hour will shout "Caregivers for a Cure!" Special thanks to Amelias' GM Anakin Crystal and Rob Fenwitch for their contributions to the design site:

You can also catch myself and DJ Anakin on Saturday, from 4pm to 5pm slt for a special one hour performance on the RFL Volunteer sim DJ Stage. You can learn more about SL Relay for Life by visiting their official website and keep donating! Team kiosks will not disappear until July 31st!

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