Sunday, July 15, 2012

Relay for Life Event Weekend Recap!

This weekend, the Relay for Life Weekend Event was held! Many Relay for Life Teams joined the celebration to fight cancer!

If you missed the opening ceremony, you can catch it via the video link below:

DJ Anakin and yours truly were honored to present one of the one hour DJ sets at the RFL weekend:

You can still visit the Flying Tigers' campsite and the design campsite that was created by MG Giano, Anakin Crystal, and Rob Fenwitch. All campsites will be up until the end of next week. There is also still time to donate, you can donate to the Flying Tigers' Relay for Life Team, which has raised over 340,000 Lindens this relay season. To donate look for the kiosks all over the WW2 Tribute Sim or tp into Amelias' Pilot Lounge.

Thanks to everyone who has supported our team and of course Relay for Life this season!

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