Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 2012 Graduation Recap!

Yesterday, the Flying Tiger tigers held their July 2012 Graduation Ceremony! The following cadets graduated from FT201 and were commissioned as 2nd Lt's:
-2nd Lt. Daisydude Resident
-2nd Lt. Caimartinjg Resident

The following cadets graduated from FT401 and received their AVG Wings and China Wings:
-2nd Lt. Charles Gilde
-2nd Lt. Leo Ravenheart
-2nd Lt. Nhnavywolf Resident

The following officers were honored for their new rank appointments:
-Major Toscha Vayandar
-Captain ChastityNo Weston
-Captain Paul Partridge
-1st Lt. Sodak Xeltentant

Major Detox Exonar was given one last salute and a standing ovation, for his service and dedication to the Flying Tigers.  Speeches of the day included the Welcome Speech by Major Nil1965 Resident and the Closing Speech by Major General Giano. Brigadier General Vickster Kuhn gave an excellent speech about the heart of the Flying Tigers. Brigadier General Kuhn also provided a flyover before the graduation ceremony. Below are photos from yesterday's graduation ceremony:

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