Monday, April 9, 2012

New Promotions!

We are pleased to announce the following recent promotions:

From the desk of Brig. General Deidre Faulds:

"Congratulations 2nd Lt  Sylvi! 2nd Lt Sylvi has passed the FT 301 flight test on April 4, 2012 & earned the pilot flight wings! Lt Desire  may now enter  FT 401 on or after April 9, 2012."

From the desk of Cap. C. Dubratt:

"It is with great pride that I, Cpt C. Dubratt have chosen Lt Kahn Umaga to be my (XO) Executive Officer in the (Adam & Eves) squadron. Lt. Umaga has in my opinion the foremost qualities (Dedication, Honor and Loyalty) to be a respected leader in the FT....... Hua))))))))))))))))))))))  Lt Kahn Umaga"

Congratulations to both 2nd Lt. Sylvi and Lt. Kahn Umaga!

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