Sunday, April 1, 2012

Feed a Smile Fundraisers (April 13 and 15)!

Feed a Smile, a real life charity that also has a Second Life fundraising arm, will have two fundraisers in our sims on April 13 and 15! Both fundraisers are being sponsored by Amelias' Pilot Lounge! The following description from Feed a Smile's official website describes their work in Second Life:

Since January 2010 Live and Learn in Kenya NGO is also online in the Second Life virtual charity community – Nonprofit Commons. The managers of the Nonprofit Commons go through every detail of an organization’s registration form to assure itself that it really is a charitable non-profit organization and not a computer scam.  LLK operates from a virtual office where people can come in and inform themselves about our work in Kenya, look at photos and, if an LLK member is present, hold a conversation. There are real people behind all of the so-called avatars, so real conversations are held – as well as meetings – either by typing your message or by speaking over a microphone. A child in Kenya – the orphan, Veronica - has already been sponsored through a Second Life contact – which makes it all worthwhile. When you log in to Second Life type either "Brique Topaz", "LLK", or "Feed a Smile" in the Search. LLK also belongs to the world-known organization Techsoup which also works in Second Life.

You can visit the Feed a Smile website at the link below:
Feed a Smile Website

You can also keep track of donations at the following site:
Feed a Smile Donations

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