Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Joint 74th Squadron and 23rd Wing Demonstration!

Today the 74th Squadron and 23rd Wing did a joint demonstration for the SL Airport Expo! The event took place over the WW2 Pacific sim. You can view video footage from our Live Streaming of this great event below:

Special thanks to the following Flying Tiger's for participating in the event today! Everyone earned praise from Brig. Gen. Vickster Kuhn:

"Hua and kudos to the pilots of the 74th Squadron, 23rd Wing, and 1st Squadron AVG for their outstanding work today on the AIR-NAVAL BATTLE Demo today! Special thanks to Major Nil for his outstanding efforts as OIC, and Colonels Gagi and Zara! Hua 23rd Fighter Wing!" ~ Go Tigers! ,General V

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