Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flying Tigers' April Academy Graduation Recap!

Yesterday the Flying Tigers welcomed their newest pilots! Events started with a Golden Tiger's flyover, then everyone was seated as they were welcomed by Brigadier General Devyn Smythe.  Master of Ceremonies Lt. Col. Sg Wonder announced all graduated and presented the Meritious Service Medal to 2nd Lt. Humphrey Smythe.  All graduates were later sworn in by Flying Tigers' CO Maj. General Giano.  Below is a complete listing of all graduates:

FT401 Graduates and Interns:
1st LT  Humprey Knots Murrdon Smythe
2nd Lt 高博文 Ko Boman

FT201 Graduates and Interns:

11th Bombardment Squadorn INTERNS
2nd LT Tiffany McBride
2nd Lt. Starrunner Gothly

74th Squadron INTERNS
2nd Lt  Frederiko Laval
2nd Lt Susie Mystiere
2nd Lt Kevin Heckroth
2nd Lt Kevin Heckroth

1st squadron INTERNS
2nd Lt  Josiah Burnstein
2nd Lt  Sylvi

FT301 Graduates:
2nd Lt  Frederiko Laval
2nd Lt Niles Heckroth
2nd Lt  Sylvi
2nd Lt  Starrunner Gothly
2nd Lt Susie Mystiere

New FT Active Duty Officers:
 Lt Humprey Knots Murrdon Smythe-1st Pursuit Sqn " Adam & Eves" Executive Officer(XO)
 2nd Lt 高博文 Ko Boman --11th Bombardment Sqn. (Heavy)

The Flying Tigers Academy also received certification from the War Department.  Special thanks to the following squadrons for their aviation service at the graduation:

The Golden Tigers, the 11th Bombardment Squadron, the 74th Squadron, and the 1st Squadron.  Special thanks to CENTCOM Col. Whitewolf Mumfuzz for providing the escort flight for the Flying Tigers' CO, Maj. General Giano.

Congratulations to all of our new pilots!! Below are photos from the event and video coverage from the Live Streaming of the graduation:

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