Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sports Festival Blog Spotlight: Everything Designs

1.  What inspired you to start your business or organization in Second Life?
(Row )Inspite of these Ava age been in sl over 7  years,  i have always loved,looking at other builders work and have great respect for them... I decide one day to give it a  go and never looked back. My passion is building and creating.   I love Fantasy building  and landscaping.  I work with Spike my SL Husband, RL boyfriend , when we got together,  we inspire each other.. now we build everything, from landscape items ,Weddings, furniture , breedable homes and displays, as well as sim designs.

2.  Tell us about your business or organization:
Everything Designs and Photography  really does touch on Everything, hence the name , Photography and building are our passion. We have a half sim, from there we run our Photography business , shops, and landscape,/ Garden center. We Photograph everything from weddings, people, and location shots. We are very proud recently of a sim promotion we just finished ,  20  complete graphic displays of the two sims, including   area and Characters  of the rp sim Cranberry cove.  As well as sim designing..... We make Business Logos, Personal celebration banners, for wedding, birthdays, promotions. On the build side we make Custom and premade wedding sets, cakes, invitations, trees, plants flowers, House and homes, furniture, Celebration balloons, party invitations, cakes... Breedable homes and displays.. we can conduct a marriage cermony too if some one needs a official to marry them .yes yes !!! we make Everything .

3.  What are some exciting plans for the future for your business?
Expand and go where our imagination takes us, we both feel our own imagination is our only limit.
Our land, shops changes with the seasons, we are already planing Autumn and Christmas, our main goal, if to have a full sim, full of our creations to share and have an amazing time together doing it! :0

4.  As you know, our 16 day sports festival is taking place to honor the Olympics. What is your favorite Olympic sport?
Track, and Cycling .

5. How long have you been in Second Life?
7 Row almost 7 years, Spike almost four years

6.  What made you first join Second Life?
Saw Secondlife on a TV program and thought i would try it... same thing for Spike.

7.  What are some of the strangest things you have experienced or seen in Second Life?
oh lordy what a question...hahaha what have i not seen? a 16 foot penis? a half man half Elephant.
a bible with legs.. after all this time hard to answer but then that the thing about Sl never will you see it all.

8.  If you could invite anyone from RL into SL, who would it be?
Lee Evans a British comendian ( something about Mary & Mouse trap actor) mostly because i would then love to see his show after when he did a gig talking about second life ..

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