Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sports Festival Blog Spotlight: Z3 Arms & Technologies

Today's Sports Festival Spotlight is on Z3 Arms & Technologies, which is owned and operated in Second Life by Don Kobichenko. Don also provided our shooting range and boxing arena for our 16 Day Sports Festival! Don was kind enough to provide answers to some of our questions about himself and Z3:

1.  What inspired you to start your business or organization in Second Life?
When I first heard of a game where the content is all user-created, it was intriguing enough to take a look. Then some friends of mine wanted to start up something, but we didn't want to do the same things sooo many others were doing. Well, long story short, many of them went AWOL, and so there was just me to carry the torch of empire, being the only one in my circle who logs in more than twice a year.

VICE and WW2 were among the first things I ran into in SL, so I decided to explore that. First I went into combat and then I went into gun smithing, for this most solid combat system.
I've been thriving on taking my builds and the technology behind them beyond the standard, especially in the last year.

I'm proud to say that this business and the art of weapons development behind it have brought out the best of my creativity and ingenuity, although not everyone shares in that assessment.

2.  Tell us about your business or organization:
Z3 is the current evolution of the Arms & Arms Technology front geared at producing top quality and revolutionary VICE arms.

I'm nearly a one man show, when it comes to final products, but I owe a lot to modelers and other coders who've made contributions to my work.

I don't davel into every single combat system in SL for one reason: VICE was my first love and I never saw a decisively better system to this date. It has it's shortcomings and that's why I've used Z3 to do my utmost to demonstrate what VICE can do. I've done that in two ways: As a fighter, I have a good idea about the look and feel people expect from their weapons and I try to capture it in what I build.

 Secondly, I have used my know-how to develop technology that transcends the combat system to new heights, my original goal being to preserve the system's life and extend it's use. Currently, this is Z3's focus: extending and proliferating the use of VICE.

3.  What are some exciting plans for the future for your business?
Mainly, I plan to produce as many developer kits as possible, because I believe it's long time for the power to produce fun toys to go into more player's hands. I also plan to spend the year poking around with our super-secret BLT technology, to see what new weapons and modifications are possible.

I want to continue to evolve and change the system so that it can stay alive and stay fun for players.

4.  As you know, our 16 day sports festival is taking place to honor the Olympics. What is your favorite Olympic sport?
I'd have to say, hockey or Basketball (Go, team USA!).

5. How long have you been in Second Life?
Allllmost 2 years. Maybe a little more, now. Seems a lot longer.

6.  What made you first join Second Life?
Some friends told me you could build and program things here, so I tried it out, because I was fascinated by that concept.

7.  What are some of the strangest things you have experienced or seen in Second Life?
Well.. the whole slave RP that goes on here hit me pretty hard. A lot of SL is a culture shock when you first start. Of course I'm used to most of it, by now and have found my element.

8.  If you could invite anyone from RL into SL, who would it be?
 Maybe some of the smart people I know who could contribute to my business or make their own way here.

You can purchase items from Z3 by visiting their marketplace shop or in world at the Sports Festival!

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