Monday, February 27, 2012

Van Halen Tribute Band Concert Weekend Recap!

This past weekend was Van Halen Tribute Band Concert Weekend for Amelias! Events kicked of on Saturday night, with a 2 hour event with DJ Anakin and yours truly as host! DJ Anakin packed the bar and sim with a record 92 avis! Check out photos of Saturday's record breaking set:

On Sunday, VIP's returned from the previous day of partying and danced at Sunday's Metal Morning event, with DJ Anakin and Host Cathlace, as they prepared for the Van Halen Tribute Band to arrive.  After this event, the Van Halen Tribute Band hit the staged and played some of their best and familiar tunes! Below is a special slideshow of Sunday's events:

Created with flickr slideshow.

If you enjoyed this tribute band concert, join us in 2 weeks at WW2 Memorial Park for a Motley Crue Tribute Band Concert! You can check out tribute band concert schedule on our updated Non Combat Events Page on the blog!

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