Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Special Report From Major General Marcus Ho

Major General Marcus Ho generously provided the special report below in both Chinese and English:

Spirit of a Ethnic



I saw a very good essay on the Internet recently:
"72 years ago, 26th year of the Republic (1937), the Japanese decided to launch the war, because they thought they were unbeatable, at that time Japan had more money than China, they got better soldiers, better weapons, they had Mitsubishi Industries, Zero fighters, aircraft carriers, but China what they got, were warlords, Triad everywhere, many people could not even read, and they afraid to die, basely China did not have any heavy industries, you could easily count how many planes they got. Few broken ships flowed on Yangtze River, everyone were panic, very weak, that was why the Japanese told the world, to destroy the entire China, only need three months. So that they came in, so that they fought the war for 8 years, and so that they lost the war. Because they did not know the Chinese well, when they came inside China, just one night, they found that everything changed. Warlords could join together to fight war, Triad could be the good guys, Illiteracy did not know a single word, but they did know not to be a traitor, people who afraid of death, sometime they could not afraid of death. Japanese they did not understand, so that they failed, they were, they are and they will."
This remind me a scene from Taiwanese movie " The Everlasting Glory"
Japanese Officer said to General Cheung: When I was child, the Primary school teacher always held an apple from North East China and told us, " Go to China to eat apple when you grow up." Now they (pointed at dead Japanese soldiers) all tried that apple, it was too bitter.
When the Japanese started the war, they forgot one thing, the Spirit of a Ethnic. Maybe Chinese has some shortcoming, but we can overcome all the difficulties, all the strong enemies. I hope everyone, Never forget the history!!

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