Thursday, February 16, 2012

Military Expo!

We are pleased to announce a special event in March-A Military Expo! Below is a description of the event and you can read more at our special Military Expo page on our blog, by clicking here.


DATES:  March 25-March 30, 2012

LOCATION:  WW2 Memorial Park

PURPOSE:  The March Mlitary Expo will feature a Merchants fair, where we are inviting all military, weapons, aviation, and smiliar merchants of SL to set up a small merchant tent in the WW2 Memorial park area for 5 days.  You will be able to bring your creations and services to a wide variety of people in SL!.  This event will be submitted to SL Destinations and we hope it will become a featuerd SL event.  To bring even larger crowds, we will hold all of Amelia's events that week near the military expo.  So guests will have contests, musics, live DJs, as well as other contests.  We will promote the event as much as possible, giving you and your business free advertising.

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