Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flying Tigers at SL9B, Burn 2, and Meeting Philip Linden!

Birthday Cake for Second Life

This week has been the birthday celebrations for Second Life, as it turns 9 years old today! The Flying Tigers have an exhibit at the SL9Bday events:

On Friday, Major General Giano gave a talk on aviation and how it has changed throughout his time in Second Life. The Flying Tigers also participated at Burn 2's Second Life 9 Birthday Events. Burn 2 is based on the real life Burning Man event, an event that supposedly inspired Philip Linden to create Second Life. Major General Giano and myself were happy to attend the in world meeting with Philip Linden, where he talked about Burning Man, Burn 2 and answered questions, including mine about official SL created mobile and tablet applications. Below are photos of this special event (see if you can spot Maj. General Giano out of uniform):

Amelias' Pilot Lounge also participated in both the SL9Bday and Burn 2 events for SL's 9th birthday! Amelias' Pilot Lounge Manager & DJ Anakin played one set each at the events. At SL9Bday, DJ Anakin rocked it out at the Egyptian Stage:

On Thursday, before Philip Linden appeared, DJ Anakin rocked the playa of Burn 2:

There are still two days left to enjoy both SL9BDay and the Burn 2 events! You can also check more SL9 Birthday events by looking at the specially created destinations section on the SL page.

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