Wednesday, June 6, 2012

D-Day Remembrance Celebrations Recap-Day 1!

Today was the start of the Flying Tigers' D-Day Remembrance Celebrations, which are a FEATURED Second Life Destinations Event! Today's events started with a special D-Day Scenario, which pitted Allies against Axis teams. Aviation and combat engagements took place on all of the Flying Tiger's sims, with Flying Tigers', members of the New Bastogne Sims, and other Second Life WW2 group and sim members taking part in a great event!

Events started with OIC Col. Mumfuzz briefing everyone on the rules and layout of the event:

The scenario was planned by Cap. Umaga, who looked very spiffy throughout the event:

After the briefing, everyone assumed their positions and started the scenario. You can view footage from the scenario, which was live streamed:

After the scenario, Capt. Umaga gave a speech and thanked everyone for their participation in today's event:

"Honored Officer colleagues, Soldiers of Any Armed force. Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen.
We are gathered here to commemorate those who fell On this Day.....June 6th.(June 7th) Speeches has been written over this event since after VE-day( VJ-day).And they all claim that the Generation that went out to Fight in WW2, was the best Generation EVER.
I Most and sincerely disagrees with that Statement that during all Armed conflicts stretching from the past way into the future. I will Make this statement: THOSE who raised arms to fend for their Country and Loved ones: Those who shared a dream of a righteous world, Those who was tricked into armed combat by Sly Politicians, Mind Smothering Religious leaders. What  matters is not weater they Won or Lost. They gave the most valuable thing,their LIFE.And to those that survived.I see you as witnesses to Man's Madness when it becomes unleashed.
So to all Veterans ,Civilians from ANY theatre of armed conflict. You fought for what you belived in.
you protected your Country and Family.
So Stand Tall  since I claim you all the BEST of YOUR GENERATION!!

 So To Honor those who fought on this day June 6th 1944. I Request for a Minute of Silence"

Later everyone partied at a special WW2 themed dance at Amelias' Pilot Lounge, where DJ Anakin played a variety of 1920s to 1950s songs. Host Amy showed off her vintage clothing and dances! Amelias had adopted a USO look, with war posters on the walls:

Created with flickr slideshow.

Join us tomorrow as our D-Day Remembrance Celebrations continue with a Battle of Midway scenario at 2pm slt and a WW2 themed dance aboard our WW2 aircraft carrier in the WW2 Pacific Sim! Anyone who interested in participating in the scenario tomorrow, should be on the WW2 Tribute Sim at 12pm slt, for a briefing.

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