Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spartan's Training Event Recap!

On May 16, 2012, the Spartans had a great training mission! Below is a report on this mission from Spartan's CO Zara Xorbun"

"Training of Spartans the -05-16 2012

Start 11 AM end 12 PM


Col Gagi Binder
COL Guapo Alex
Lt Col Zara Xorbun
MAJ nil1965 Resident
2nd LT Niles Heckroth

Call signs:
OPFOR-1 = Zara Xorbun

Delta 1 = Gagi Binder
Delta 2 = Guapo Alex
Delta 3 = nil1965
Delta 4 = Niles Heckroth

First we had a briefing in the briefing-room at Spartan HQ, then There was practice of sky dive from a C-47 over Kuming AFB.

The mission was to capture the top secret war plans s from the Germans, located in the big bunker at Battelfield. hidden in a box.

A Delta team was drooped over the Bunker, and after some battle they got the box whit the top secret war plans.
Extraction plan was to BASE jump and glide to the beach, to avoid mines and barbwire.
The France resistance, had placed small rubber boats to sail back in over the Pacific".

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