Friday, May 4, 2012

Flying Tigers' Charity Weekend!

This weekend we are participating in three charity related events! First there will be two fundraisers for ALS, which raises money to fight Lou Gehrig's Disease.  The first fundraiser will be held today, at 12pm slt at Amelia's Pilot Lounge. The second one will be held on Sunday, May 6, 2012 at 10 am slt and take place at WW2 Memorial Park. Sunday's fundraiser will also feature a special Nickleback Tribute Band Concert!

On Saturday, the Flying Tigers' Relay for Life Team, will hold a fundraiser at the Relay for Life May Day team event! Amelia's Pilot Lounge DJ Anakin and yours truly will be hosting a 2 hour fundraiser, which begins at 6pm slt! The theme is medieval, so make sure you come dressed in your favorite medieval attier! Also check out the Flying Tigers' Medieval May Day booth at the May Day event:

Sunday is also a Fun Day for the Second Life Cheerleading Squad, who will hold Fun Days to raise money for their Relay for Life Team! Nexgen Aviation has set up a small booth at the Second Life Cheerleading Squad's Fun Day area, in their great stadium!

For information about ALS and Relay for Life in Second Life, please see their respective websites below:

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